Our Aims and Objectives

The National Hygiene Partnership Mission Statement, Goals, Objectives and Policies are described below.

Mission Statement

“To work together in a spirit of partnership in the active promotion of high standards of food safety through training in the Irish Food Sectors by the provision of information and a range of quality and innovative products and courses for all Food Workers within the different sectors”


Photo courtesy of Fáilte Ireland

  • Ensure that relevant hygiene programmes are developed and promoted within the Irish Food Sector.
  • Maximise the benefits of co-operation and linkage between members of the National Hygiene Partnership.
  • Achieve independent 3rd party accreditation of the NATIONAL HYGIENE PARTNERSHIP’s licensing process.
  • Increase awareness of NATIONAL HYGIENE PARTNERSHIP accredited trainers for all food hygiene training.
  • Review & update all NATIONAL HYGIENE PARTNERSHIP products in line with changes in legislation.
  • Increase awareness of the NATIONAL HYGIENE PARTNERSHIP within the Irish Food Sectors.

Photo courtesy of Fáilte Ireland


  • Institute an awareness building campaign aimed at consumers of food safety training through the development of an annual training calendar available online and other suitable media.
  • Update our website, www.nhp.ie , on a monthly basis.
  • Evaluate all training products and programmes annually and update where necessary.
  • Establish annual training targets for each of the NHP products.
  • Achieve FETAC Approved Provider Status by December 2011.
  • Develop an annual budget for the Partnership and review on a bi-monthly basis.

Photo courtesy of Fáilte Ireland


  • To develop and establish appropriate food hygiene education and training structures.
  • To generate demand for hygiene training within the industry.
  • To ensure the provision of an adequate pool of Licensed Trainers consistent with demand.
  • To maximise the benefits of co-operation and establish linkages between the NHP and other interest groups.
The National Hygiene Partnership is the trading name for a Partnership of Government Agencies and Industry Representatives Bodies which was established for the purpose of developing , promoting and coordinating a range of food safety training initiatives for the Irish Food Sectors. The NHP is registered for VAT in Ireland, Registration number 9535893H and the business address is Abbey Court, Block B. Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1.