The Licensing Process

The following describes the process of Licensing Trainers to deliver the “Management of Food Safety, the essential guide to HACCP compliance” programme and any other programmes or courses certified byThe National Hygiene Partnership

Within one year of successfully completing Phase 1, you may apply in writing to the National Hygiene Partnership to become a Licensed Trainer enclosing copies of both your Management of Food Safety certificate and your Group Training Techniques (or equivalent) certificate. You must satisfactorily complete each Phase before moving on to the next. Each phase is briefly described below.

Phase 1

Attend the Management of Food Safety -The Essential Guide to HACCP Compliance Programme and achieve a distinction (85% or more) in the written assessment and project. The programme concludes with a written examination (300 marks) and a practical project (200 marks) for submission 4 weeks after the examination ddate. Total marks: 500.

Phase 2

Attend a Group Training Techniques or Train the Trainer Course and demonstrate competency in delivering selected sessions against defined and established training criteria.

Phase 3

Undergo and pass a formal assessment of the ability to administer the Management of Food Hygiene course to the required standard. Executives of the National Hygiene Partnership will jointly conduct this assessment. The assessment will focus on the programme content, structure and linkages to I.S. 340:2007 Hygiene in The Catering Sector or I.S.341:2007 Hygiene in Food Retailing and Wholesaling as appropriate. It will also address topics such as group interaction, dealing with difficult situations, compiling action plans, pre and post course administration, also examination and validation criteria. An overall mark of 85% should be achieved.

Deliver a session of the Management of Food Safety programme. This session will be assessed by an EHO and a Specialist in training methodology. An overall mark of 85% should be achieved.

Phase 4

Complete a National Hygiene Partnership trainer licence application form. This license is renewable on an annual basis subject to compliance with the renewal criteria. The current annual renewal fee is €120 plus VAT @ 23%.

Purchase the Hygiene Training Pack. This material is provided on a USB Key and includes comprehensive Trainer’s Notes, Powerpoint Presentations and Participant’ Handouts.

Phase 5

Sign the National Hygiene Partnership Trainer License Agreement. Please note: Phases 1, 3 4 and 5 should be followed in a sequential order. It is not possible to progress to phase 4 unless the requirements of phases 1, 2 and 3 have been satisfied. Similarly, a licence will not be granted unless all the licensing criteria have been met.

Cost: The Management of Food Safety Trainer License

Phase 1 – Prices vary, contact NHP Licensed Trainer directly
Phase 2 – Prices vary, payable to course provider
Phase 3 – €300 plus VAT @ 23% (Payable to NHP)
Phase 4 – €290 plus VAT @ 23% (Payable to NHP)
Phase 5 – No cost

The above licensing fee structure may be subject to an annual adjustment. In instances where it will be necessary to repeat either part of Phase 3, repeat fees will apply. Any Phase may be attempted 3 times only. Phase 4 must be completed within 6 months of Phase 3.

A License is issued in accordance with the NHP License Agreement and includes activation of the license – that is training a minimum of 10 learners in Management of Food Safety programme in your first year and a minimum of 10 learners every 2 years thereafter.

The National Hygiene Partnership may grant exemptions in certain circumstances if it is considered appropriate, when individual applications are being considered. Applicants seeking exemptions will be required to furnish copies of appropriate qualifications. Successful candidates will be awarded a licensing certificate by the National Hygiene Partnership and will be entered into the National Register of Licensed Food Safety Trainers.

The National Hygiene Partnership is the trading name for a Partnership of Government Agencies and Industry Representatives Bodies which was established for the purpose of developing , promoting and coordinating a range of food safety training initiatives for the Irish Food Sectors. The NHP is registered for VAT in Ireland, Registration number 9535893H and the business address is Abbey Court, Block B. Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1.