Allgemeine & BEDINGUNGEN FÜR E-Learning-Kurse

Zugriff auf das E-Learning-Kurse

A brief introduction to the general eLearning course features and options is available by clicking on the E-LEARNING link ( in the main menu of our website. Here the learner will also find general information about the system requirements necessary to complete a course. We recommend that potential learners should review the content of this page before opening the link to their selected course which provides more detailed information on the individual course features, structure, content, Zertifizierung, system requirements and sign up. This will enable potential learners to make the correct course choice before clicking on the Login/Sign Up link at the bottom of their selected course page.


To complete any of the elearning courses a new learner must first register online by creating a new account and then enrol on their selected course. Enrolment on a course can be activated by online payment (via WorldPay) of the course fee. The current course fee for most online courses is €30 (Inc. VAT). We accept Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) and Laser Cards. All credit and Laser card payments are subject to final verification and approval by WorldPay. Once payment is verified and approved the learner is then granted the full access necessary to complete their selected course.

The general steps for Registration and Enrolment are described in the next section.


  1. Fill out the New Account form with your details.
  2. An email will be immediately sent to your email address.
  3. Read your email, and click on the web link it contains.
  4. Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in.
  5. Now, select the course you want to participate in.
  6. Make the online payment for the course via WorldPay or enter a pre-purchased enrolment key.
  7. Wenn die Zahlung überprüft wird können Sie nun auf den gesamten Kurs. From now on you will only need to enter your personal username and password (in the form on this page) to log in and access any course you have enrolled in.


Der National Hygiene Partnerschaft Leitbild ist “To work together in a spirit of partnership in the active promotion of high standards of food safety through training in the Irish Food Sectors by the provision of information and a range of quality and innovative products and courses for all Food Workers within the different sectors”

We encourage all our customers to complete the eLearning course survey upon completion of these courses. The feedback from this survey enables us to measure customer satisfaction levels and make whatever changes/improvements to the course that may be deemed necessary.


Despite our efforts to anticipate and eliminate problems before they arise as outlined above we recognize that some customers who enroll in the eLearning course may encounter difficulties in completing the course from time to time. In Situationen, wo Probleme entstehen, fördern wir diese Kunden zu unserem Support Services / Helpdesk to help them overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing by email or telephone at;

Das Nationale Hygiene Partnerschaft,
Abbey Court, Block B,
Lower Abbey Street.
Dublin 1.

Tel: +353-1-448 0614
E- mail:

Dieses Support-Service ist bis Freitag von Montag außer an Feiertagen von 9.30 bin um 13.00 Uhr


Wenn Sie eine formelle Beschwerde in Bezug auf die E-Learning-Kurs Inhalt oder die Support-Dienstleistungen von der National Hygiene Partnerschaft vorgesehen möchten, sollten Sie unser Helpdesk unter Tel.: +353-1-448 0614. Alternatively you can send an email to We are committed to handling all complaints in a courteous, expeditious and efficient manner, resolving complaints, where possible, at the first point of contact.

We will:

  • document all actions to ensure that an accurate record of your complaint is maintained
  • contact you with a resolution to confirm that you are satisfied


If you consider that your complaint was not handled in a satisfactory manner and you wish to seek a refund on the course fee you should send an email to outlining the reasons why you feel you feel that a refund is justified. This email must be transmitted to the National Hygiene Partnership before the Certificate of Completion is downloaded otherwise your claim for a refund cannot be granted.

Das Nationale Hygiene Partnerschaft ist der Handelsname für eine Partnerschaft von Regierungsstellen und Branchenvertreter Stellen, die für die Zwecke der Entwicklung gegründet wurde , Förderung und Koordinierung einer Reihe von Lebensmittelsicherheit Ausbildungsinitiativen für die irische Food-Bereich. Die NHP ist für die Mehrwertsteuer in Irland registriert, Registrierungsnummer 9535893H und die Geschäftsanschrift ist Abbey Court, Block B. Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1.