Examination Guidelines

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This section provides guidelines on the examination process, including post examination instructions, sample exam questions and examination marking guidelines. 

Each candidate will be issued with an examination paper containing 35 multiple choice and 5 descriptive questions. The examination has a 2 hour time-frame and successful candidates will be awarded the National Hygiene Partnership’s Certificate in the Management of Food Hygiene. This Certificate will indicate whether the candidate achieved a pass, credit or distinction in the examination. 

Unsuccessful candidates will be afforded the opportunity to re-sit the examination at a later date. An administration fee will be charged for this facility, payable at the time of booking. 

Post Examination Instructions

(A) Exam papers must be corrected and returned to Liz Brady, Administration, National Hygiene Partnership (NHP) c/o, safefood – Food Safety Promotion Board, Block 2, Abbey Court, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1 for all courses. The individual course tutors must ensure that this is done within 14 days of the examination date. Course assessment forms must also be returned at this stage.  In an effort to reduce the time span between the exam date and receipt of results, the following deadlines have been agreed and adopted as policy by the National Hygiene Partnership.

(B) The corrected Examination Papers must be accompanied by a completed course register. This must be accurate and legible as the information will be transferred directly to the National Hygiene Partnerships database. 

(C) The Administration department will have responsibility for sending on all the examination papers to the validation panel approved by the N.H.P within 14 days of the examination date. The tutor will not be advised of the Validator’s name and address. 

(D) The validation process will be completed within 7 days of receiving the examination papers. A 10% sample or a minimum of 2 papers will be selected and then validated results will be returned to NHP within 7 days. 

(E) The validated results will then be entered into the National Hygiene Partnerships database and the candidates will be notified of their result in writing. This correspondence will be issued by The National Hygiene Partnership (NHP) and will include details of mark achieved and the status of the award – i.e. Fail, Pass, Credit or Distinction. Correspondence will only be sent by post to the home address indicated on the examination paper. This part of the process must also be completed within 7 days. 

The four week time span from the examination date to the receipt of the results is realistic and it can be achieved if these guidelines are strictly adhered to. The full co-operation of everybody involved in the process will be required and very much appreciated. 

Please note the recap module is not to be run on the same day as the examination. 

Only red or green ink to be used when correcting the papers. 

Please make sure all papers are signed by the Tutor/Invigilator.

The National Hygiene Partnership is the trading name for a Partnership of Government Agencies and Industry Representatives Bodies which was established for the purpose of developing , promoting and coordinating a range of food safety training initiatives for the Irish Food Sectors. The NHP is registered for VAT in Ireland, Registration number 9535893H and the business address is Abbey Court, Block B. Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1.