National Hygiene Partnership publishes guide for food handlers in foreign languages

April 20th, 2000 Categories: News, Press Releases Tags:

The National Hygiene Partnership has published an updated guide for food handlers, Hygiene Matters. In a new initiative to help employers in the food industry overcome language difficulties, Hygiene Matters is published in Spanish as well as in English. Translation into French, Oriental and Eastern European languages is underway to coincide with the large number of non English-speaking staff now working in the industry who need food safety training. The food service sector experiences high staff turnover and in many instances, low levels of training or professional qualification.

The guide looks at all aspects of food safety in the food service sector: bacteria – what they are and how to control their spread, high-risk foods, personal hygiene and pest control. It sets out, in a non-legal manner, the rules that need to be followed in order to minimise the risk of food poisoning

 The launch was attended by the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, David Byrne who presented two sets of certificates: 50 industry managers and CERT trainers received certificates in food hygiene management and 5 were presented with food hygiene training licences.

By law, employers are obliged to ensure that staff who handle food are trained in food safety and hygiene or supervised. Owners/managers should also incorporate risk control systems such as HACCP into their businesses. Through education and training, the National Hygiene Partnership aims to develop a hygiene management culture across the food service sector. It encourages food businesses to make certain that food-handling staff are adequately trained by providing courses at all levels.

The National Hygiene Partnership is the trading name for a Partnership of Government Agencies and Industry Representatives Bodies which was established for the purpose of developing , promoting and coordinating a range of food safety training initiatives for the Irish Food Sectors. The NHP is registered for VAT in Ireland, Registration number 9535893H and the business address is Abbey Court, Block B. Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1.