Uguaglianza politica

The National Hygiene Partnership rejects discrimination because of age, disability, family status, gender, marital status, membership of the travelling community, race, colour, religious belief, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.

NHP policy and practice will promote equality of opportunity and seek to redress existing imbalances where they are identified. NHP will ensure that employees and students are free to perform their work in an environment free from physical or verbal threat, harassment and intimidation. Complaints will be investigated sensitively and resolved locally if possible. If the circumstances warrant it, formal disciplinary/grievance procedures will be invoked.

NHP is committed to the promotion of equality

• Through raising awareness of equality issues in delivering its programmes

• By evaluating current policies, procedure and practices in accordance with the principle of equality and relevant legislation.

• By ensuring the provision of adequate support structures to facilitate students and staff with particular needs.

• By establishing appropriate structures through which complaints may be investigated.

As part of NHP’s policy to support inclusivity and diversity, learners requiring special learning supports or assessment arrangements are asked to inform NHP of their specific needs when booking a place on the programme.

La Nazionale di Igiene di partenariato è il nome commerciale di un partenariato di enti governativi e rappresentanti dell'industria che gli organismi che è stato istituito allo scopo di sviluppare , promozione e il coordinamento di una serie di iniziative per la sicurezza alimentare di formazione per gli irlandesi Food Settori. Il NHP è registrato ai fini IVA in Irlanda, 9535893H numero di registrazione e l'indirizzo professionale è Abbey Court, Blocco B. Lower Abbey Street, Dublino 1.